Diana, born on Long Island, was raised in sunny South Florida.
It was there that she became drawn to theater and modeling in
her early childhood. Over the years she quickly became an
accomplished model, gracing the pages in publications such
as Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated and in campaigns for Phillip Stein
and Coca Cola's Dasani. Diana also joined NBC's
favorite game show Deal or No Deal as one of the briefcase

Her desire to be in warm climates and love of
traveling brought her to the beautiful coast of
Australia for her studies. Shortly after relocating
back to South Florida she pursued a career in
Pharmaceutical sales, and continued her
degree in marketing. Since finishing her role
as a student Diana has had the opportunity
to continue her love of travel in the US and
abroad collaborating on numerous projects.

In her off time she stays involved
in children's charities such as Foster &
Adoptive Connection and The University
of Maryland Children's Hospital, both of
which hold a special place in her life.

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